Here are some of the most common questions asked in the printing industry. Hopefully this will answer your questions fully. If your questions are still not answered then please send us and E-mail or give us a call at 888.72HRPrint.

Q: What does 72 hour turnaround mean? Will my order be at my door 72 hours after I submit my artwork or approve artwork that was created by you?

A: All rush and UV completed jobs (art and payment) received before 7 PM Eastern will be print and ship within 72 hours (3 business days). For example, if we receive your art and payment by 7 pm on Monday, your order will print and ship by UPS cutoff time on Thursday.

Q: What shipping options do I have?

A: We primarily ship with UPS. However, we can also ship FedEx, Delta, UPS same day, and Greyhound, as well as the US Postal Service. Contact us and we'll work with you to get your order to you in a cost effective and timely manner.

Q: What payment options are available?

A: Due to our quick turnaround, all orders must be prepaid. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Western Union Quick Collect, Bill Pay, and Paypal. If you would like to pay with a check we will need you to fill out an ACH authorization form and fax it to us with a voided check. All ACH transactions will need to clear before we print the job.

Q: Can 72HRPrint.com design my work too?

A: Of course! Our design services have no limitations. In addition to having a large in-house design team and we also have a large network of Freelance Designers. Therefore, we can handle any job and we can do it in as little as 4 hours. Feel free to contact us with any design questions you may have.

Q: Why are your prices so low?

A: We are able to offer lower prices than our competition because we print the day's orders on a 20"x26, 19x25 or a 28x40 sheet and cut the jobs apart in order to reduce the costs of making plates and other fixed setup charges. Does your job need special attention? No problem! We can do extras such as perforations, folding, scoring, binding, die-cutting, and more! If you need specialized services, please let us know.

Q: What do you print?

A: Some of our clients use our printing services for: Promotional Brochures, Event Flyers, Restaurant Menus, Realtor Postcards, Tickets, Handbills, Clothing Tags, Business Cards, Posters, Point of Sale Signage, Photo Reproduction, Zed Cards, Instruction Booklets, Monthly Periodicals, Tri-Folds, Record Flats, and More!

Q: How do I get my artwork to you? How do I order?

A: Via our completely automated online ordering system and upload your order to us immediately! Or via E-mail.

Q: What is my job going to be printed on?

A: We use several different Paper types at 72HRPrint.com. But for the most part our flyers, postcards, business cards, mailers and most of our posters are printed on 12pt c2s cardstock with our Patent Pending HYBRID coating. However, we do print on 14pt cardstock as well on 80 and 100lb gloss text paper, so it just depends on your job and your requirements.

Q: What is your total turnaround time?

A: All rush and UV orders are printed and shipped within 72 hours of artwork submission or approval and payment (weekends not included). We ship most packages UPS Ground which takes 1 to 6 days depending on your distance from our printing press here in Florida. We also ship FedEx, Greyhound, Delta Dash, R&L Carriers, North American Van Lines, and DHL. If your pockets are deep and you're in a huge hurry, we can even ship it UPS SAME DAY.

Q: I have made my artwork in a foreign file. What type of files do you accept?

A: We prefer to accept only high resolution PDF files utilizing Zip compression. If you can't make a PDF, then we would ask you to email us a High Res JPG or JPEG. If this also is not a possibility, then we would accept your file as is and make modifications on our end. We would then send the file back to you in a JPG format for proof approval.

Q: Do you charge me if my file size is bigger than the cut size of my card?

A: No. Unlike most other printing companies, we do not charge you for bleeds. As a matter of fact, we require your file to be larger. You must have a 1/8 bleed and a 1/8 trim. See website for templates.

Q: What is the difference between Varnish, Aqueous, UV and your patent pending HYBRID coating?

A: Well that's an in-depth answer. Varnish is an oil based, NOT environmentally friendly coating used by most printers as a way to make a half way decent job look good. Some printing companies would use Varnish coating to put a small shine on a print job that may have looked a little dull from the use of bottom-of-the-barrel stock. Aqueous is a water based environmentally friendly coating used by better than average printers as a way to jazz up an already nice print job. Aqueous Coating allows for the use of a Good but less expensive stock, therefore giving you a shine without an expense. Most printers don't charge for the Aqueous as the cost to coat a job is made up by using the less expensive paper. Aqueous is Glossier than Varnish, but not as glossy as the HYBRID coating that ONLY WE offer. HYBRID is a coating that WE manufacture in-house. We are the only printer in the world with this product. HYBRID is an Aqueous based environmentally friendly mixture of chemicals and compounds to produce an almost UV like shine to a print job. HYBRID is like Varnish in the sense that you can write on it, but yet shinny enough to make some people think it is UV. We believe HYBRID is the wave of the future and are coating all print jobs with it free of charge. UV on the other hand is a different breed. UV is a chemical based, NOT environmentally friendly coating used by only a few people in our area. Being so bad for the environment, printers actually need a special license to even do UV coating. It is the Shiniest of all coatings, but it has its downfalls. UV coating can't be written on and it can't be addressed for the US Mail with normal addressing systems. We on the other hand, can address UV coated stock.

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