What is the single most cost effective way to advertise YOUR Business?

With a Business Card. So why settle for a plain boring card when you can have a FULL COLOR TWO SIDED Business Card on a thick heavy 12pt card stock with a FREE Semi gloss coating. For the person who knows printing, these cards are printed 12pt. C2S 5/5. For the normal person, that has no idea about the printing process, our Business Cards are a nice thick coated cardstock printed in 4 color process and have a FREE Semi gloss coating on both sides. Most people charge for a gloss coating, but we don't. We give it away for FREE.

It does not matter what type of business you?re in, we can print your card. So Promote yourself, Get better cards. Sell yourself?.use a card that will be kept by people?.not thrown away. We will print your design, or we can design one for you. With over 1,000 different REALTOR? Cards under our belt, we think we know how to design a card or two. If you need us to design a card for you, there is an additional fee. Most design fees are minimal and start at only $25.00. If you need us to design something for you, just let us know and we will give you the cost of design upfront. We have no surprises here. If we are making a design for you, we will create a sample card and email you a proof. You go over the proof and email us back your changes or modifications. We then email you another proof. We will do this a few times until YOU approve the design. So rest assured; you have nothing to worry about. We don?t send your card to print until YOU approve the design. Once you have approved your artwork, we will print and ship your cards within 72 hours.

Here is your chance to get 5,000 FULL COLOR TWO SIDED Business Cards for ONLY $99.95. This is, to my knowledge, the BEST deal on the internet. This is for ANYBODY who needs a Business card. This deal is Perfect for Real Estate agents, Mortgage Brokers, Sales Reps or anyone in the business of passing out cards. Yes you can go elsewhere, and pay more, or maybe you think you don't need 5,000 cards. Here is something to think about. If you put 50 cards everywhere you went, you would use 5,000 cards in just a few weeks and would be out pennies promoting your business or service with a Superior Product that surpasses your competitors.

The single most important thing someone can have in business is quality advertising. It does not matter WHAT type of business you?re in, you NEED ADVERTISING. Business Cards are a form of ADVERTISING. And with 5,000 FULL COLOR TWO SIDED BUSINESS CARDS FOR ONLY $99.95; you have A LOT of advertising for less than 2 cents each. You can go to Office Depot, Staples, OfficeMax, Corporate Express, Sir Speedy, Minute Man Press or any other walk-in style office product place or small companies that print normal business cards and you WILL PAY $30.00 FOR 1,000 cards that are black and white, ONLY one sided and look plain and boring, or you can get your cards through us and get 5,000 business cards that can have your picture on it, a map of how to get to where your business is, pictures of the products you sell, pictures of your store front, vibrant graphics to attract attention to your card, or ANYTHING YOU WANT which will make YOUR CARD stand out from every other card out there. This will make YOU stand out from every other competitor out there.

A business card from us will set you apart from the plain boring cards that are all over your local town or community. You see normal boring cards all the time. More than likely, it's what you already have. Just think about the money your losing. Staples can't print pictures of your products or services on their cards; they send those jobs to other printers and charge you 3 times more for the same product you can get from us.

You can advertise yourself with normal everyday standards or with flair. A very professional card in full color verses a card that is plain and boring will stand out against all others. I'm sure you have seen FULL COLOR Cards on counters and thought about how nice it would be to have a card like that. Then you find out how expensive they are and go WOW, never mind. Well, here is your chance to get the same style cards, In Better Quality, yet at an affordable price.

We are a gang style printer. We sell Hundreds of Business Card orders and put them all together, each and everyday. This allows everyone to save more money. Gang run style printing keeps us busy. When we first started in this business we were a print broker and our printers used to be closed by 6 pm everyday. Now we are the printer and our press operates 18 hours a day. Our gang style printing allows us to be high volume printers. It is a win-win situation. You get the best product and the least possible price, guaranteed. Image is everything and we guarantee our image and the quality of our product. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our cards, we will issue a full refund less our printing expense.

Don't be fooled by other people on the internet. I have been there and done that. Please look at JUST A FEW of the types of cards we have designed and printed. Again, these are just samples. We can do anything and we can print anything.

So what are you waiting for? We are FOR REAL. If you need business cards, we can help. As a matter of fact, we sell more than Business Cards. We can do Hats, T-shirts, Banners, Pens, Pencils, Cups, Caps, etc. etc. As a matter of fact, we can print ANYTHING in full color. We can even do 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th colors too. Just email us with your needs, and we will give you the best possible deal at the time of the request. For more information please send us an email.

If you would prefer, you can call us Toll-Free @ 1.888.72HRPRINT.

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